Sesame Ginger Dressing


1 8 oz. package Siena Vinaigrette Dressing Mix
6½ cups salad oil
¼ cup Ginger Puree
2 cups sugar
1 quart ketchup
1 quart sushi or rice vinegar
2 ½ quarts oil
2-3 Tbls. sesame oil
2 cups water


(yields 1 gallon)

Thoroughly blend dry RC Siena Dressing Mix with sugar. Add dry mixture to water in a mixer bowl. Whip at medium speed for 5 minutes. Stop & scrape bowl then add ketchup and vinegar and whip for 3 minutes at medium speed. Scrape bowl again then add oil slowly while mixer is running on low speed. After all oil is incorporated, add sesame oil and RC Ginger Puree. Increase mixer speed to high and whip for 6 minutes. Keep finished dressing refrigerated. Recommend that the dressing be made several hours before use.