Chocolate Mousse Trio Tartlets

Serves: 12- 4 inch tartlets


  • 1 qt. prepared Dark Chocolate Mousse Mix
  • 1 qt. prepared Chocolate Mousse Mix
  • 1 qt. prepared White Chocolate Mousse Mix
  • 12 small strawberries
  • prepared Creme Anglaise Sauce Mix
  • prepared Strawberry Coulis Mix


  1. 1 Coat the mold for the tartlets with a very light layer of canola oil and line with plastic wrap.
  2. 2 Starting with RC White Chocolate Mousse Mix, pipe a ¼ inch high layer in your mold and smooth out with a spatula.
  3. 3 Continue with the RC Chocolate Mousse Mix then the RC Dark Chocolate Mousse Mix.
  4. 4 Freeze the prepared Chocolate Mousse “Trio” Tartlets until completely frozen then unmold.
  5. 5 Plate on an dinner plate decorated with RC Crème Anglaise Dessert Sauce Mix and RC Strawberry Coulis Dessert Sauce Mix, then garnish with a strawberry fan and grated chocolate.
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