Tiramisu Serves: 4 – loaf pans 6” x 10” x 3” deep


  • 1 pkg. RC Instant Pastry Cream, prepared with 2 tsp. RC Rum Flavor
  • 2 tsp. RC Umami Sensations® Kokumi Powder
  • 4 lbs. whipped Mascarpone or Cream Cheese
  • 1 pkg. RC Cappuccino Mousse, prepared with 2 tsp. RC Coffee Extract
  • 1 pkg. RC Whip Topping, prepared with 2 tsp. RC Coffee Extract
  • 2 qts. strong coffee (cold) with 2 tsp. RC Coffee Extract added
  • 72 lady fingers
  • dark cocoa for dusting


  1. 1 In a large bowl, fold RC Umami Sensations® Kokumi Powder into prepared RC Instant Pastry Cream.
  2. 2 Then fold in whipped Mascarpone or Cream Cheese then fold in both prepared RC Cappuccino Mousse and RC Whip Topping.
  3. 3 Reserve the Tiramisu Mixture keep cold. Line loaf pans with plastic wrap with 4” overhang all around edges.
  4. 4 Dip lady fingers into cold coffee and position on the bottom of each plastic lined loaf pan.
  5. 5 Don’t let the lady fingers soak in the coffee just get a little moist.
  6. 6 On top of coffee dipped lady fingers place 1½” of Tiramisu Mixture and spread evenly with offset spatula and dust with a fine layer of dark cocoa.
  7. 7 Repeat another layer with coffee dipped lady fingers and Tiramisu Mixture.
  8. 8 Dust with dark cocoa and fold plastic over top and refrigerate overnight.


Value Added Suggestion: Serve with RC Crème Anaglaisé Dessert Sauce or Strawberries coated with RC Strawberry Coulis Mix and a little added RC Coffee Extract. When this dessert is prepared and allowed to sit overnight, all the coffee and cream layers flavors bloom into the classic Tiramisu flavor you expect. [wpb_empty_space height="50px"]

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