Grilled Salmon with Cherry Balsamic Glaze

Serves: 4 portions


  • 1½ cups firmly packed brown sugar
  • Gluten Free Balsamic Glaze
  • 8 oz. prepared Cherry Coulis Mix
  • 4- 6 oz. portions center cut salmon filet
  • ¼ tsp. dry No Added MSG Golden Vegetable Base
  • 1 oz. good quality olive oil
  • pinch white pepper
  • 8 oz. white wine
  • 1 tsp. Xanthan Gum
  • 1½ cups balsamic vinegar, dark or white


  1. 1 Combine white wine, white pepper, olive oil and RC Golden Vegetable Base in a mixing bowl and blend together.
  2. 2 Add salmon filets and coat with marinate, cover and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.
  3. 3 Prepare RC Cherry Coulis Mix with water per label instructions and refrigerate.
  4. 4 Prepare Gluten Free Balsamic Glaze recipe and reserve 4 oz. and add 8 oz. of prepared RC Cherry Coulis Mix.
  5. 5 Blend together and bring to a simmer in a small sauce pan, keep warm.
  6. 6 Grill marinated salmon filet filets and transfer to a warm plate, spoon over warm Cherry Balsamic Glaze and serve.
  7. 7 For Gluten Free Balsamic Glaze:
  8. 8 In a mixer bowl fitted with whip attachment, combine brown sugar & RC Xanthan Gum and blend for 2-3 minutes on low speed.
  9. 9 Add rest of ingredients and blend on medium speed for 4-5minutes, stop and scrape bowl then blend on high speed for an additional 5-6 minutes.
  10. 10 Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes before using.
  11. 11 Suggested that the glaze be made a day before needed.
  12. 12 Keep refrigerated.


Value Added Suggestions: Serve with fresh spring asparagus dusted with RC Umami Sensations® Mirepoix Powder and a few dried cherries.
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